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Information Sites - Fighting Robot Association (FRA) -

Robot Wars Sites - Good site for fans. Has loads of good stuff. - Good writes-ups for RW Series 1-4

Event Sites - Live event held around Easter in Debenham - Lots of events in their own arena - Newark Kit Car show - The Robot Crusade held @ The Iron Bridge Museum - The Robo Dome website

Robot Sites - Home of The Stag, Foe, Whipper, Staglet - Home of Pussycat, Kitty, Katnip, Katrip - Home of Lazerus and Tomahawk - Home of Lambsy, Ewe 2, Cutlet - Home of Tornado - Home of Flybot, Blazer, Chroma - Home of Gladiator, G2, Hades - Home of Merlin

Robot Shops - Technobots has everything you need to build a robot - Robots R Us sells the DogZ BolloX speed controllers

Sponsor - Mutes one and only sponsor, no begging please!!! - Manufactured Micro Mute 2's polyprop armour